Housing Action Plan

The City created a Housing Action Plan (HAP) to help make sure a variety of housing is available and affordable to people of all incomes in Ellensburg. The HAP was adopted in October, and it will be a comprehensive tool that helps the City implement housing policies, programs, and strategies. 

Help us understand what types of housing Ellensburg needs

Ellensburg residents were able to take an online survey about housing in Ellensburg to help shape the City’s Housing Action Plan. This brief survey asked for input on housing needs and barriers to the development of more housing within the City. 

Learn more about the City's Housing Action Plan process: https://www.beheardeburg.com/housing-action-plan

Stakeholder Advisory Group

The HAP Stakeholder Advisory Group provides guidance on the project process and analysis, as well as the contents of the final Housing Action Plan. The advisory group will work closely with the project team to learn about housing strategies, assess their appropriateness for the community and craft strategy recommendations. The advisory group is comprised of community and housing stakeholders including builders, affordable housing developers, human service providers, property owners, renters’ advocates, large employers, and communities at risk of displacement.