A proclamation is defined as an official announcement made by the Mayor. 

It is the policy of the City Council for the Mayor to consider requests to proclaim certain events or causes when such proclamations pertain to a City of Ellensburg event, person, organization, or cause with local implications. The Mayor will consider requests that are timely, have potential relevance to the Ellensburg community, and either forward positive messages and/or call upon the support of the community. The Mayor may act on requests for proclamations without a vote of the City Council. The Mayor will choose proclamations to read at a Council meeting subject to the following guidelines: 

  1. The person(s) or organization making the request must submit a completed Application Requesting a City Proclamation and submit a copy of the proposed Proclamation to the City Manager's Office at least thirty calendar days before the proclamation is desired. 
  2. The sponsor must be a City resident.
  3. Proclamations must have citywide significance and demonstrate relevancy to Ellensburg. 
  4. Proclamations should have a positive message and should not promote political, ideological or religious positions. 
  5. The Mayor shall not recognize groups or individuals who seek economic benefit by endorsement or for-profit commercial events or endeavors. 
  6. The City retains the right to modify, edit, or otherwise amend the proposed proclamation to meet its requirements, needs, or policy determinations. The proclamation shall not exceed one page of text. 
  7. The Mayor may consult with City Boards, Commissions or other subject matter experts when considering appropriate proclamation language. 
  8. The Mayor retains the right to limit the number of proclamations at a City Council meeting. 
  9. The Mayor, in consultation with the City Manager and City Attorney, will determine if the proposed proclamation meets the intent of this policy.

Download the Application Requesting A City Proclamation.