Rodeo Mural

City of Ellensburg Mural to Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Ellensburg Rodeo

Call To Artists

The City of Ellensburg is accepting muralist/artist/artist teams/or organization submissions for a mural to be installed on the Craig’s Hill Reservoir at 1301 North Craig Avenue, in Ellensburg, WA. The mural canvas should represent the value of Ellensburg and the Rodeo as a gathering place to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the world-famous Ellensburg Rodeo on Labor Day Weekend in 2023. 

Selected projects must be centered around the theme of the rodeo and grounds as a gathering place and the rich contribution to the community. Submittals will be required to adhere to this theme and convey the City’s identity as an inclusive community and the Ellensburg Rodeo’s contribution to this community identity through the mural artwork. 

The location is highly visible throughout the community and will be a backdrop for national media coverage of the Ellensburg Rodeo 100-year Anniversary on Labor Day Weekend in 2023. The image should be clearly visible from the Kittitas Valley Event Center Rodeo Arena.

Submissions that do not promote the stated theme, promote a different theme, or express a private message will not be accepted. Designs should not include advertising of any product or service, copyright protected symbols or icons, or language or imagery that is or could be interpreted as inflammatory, discriminatory, or stigmatizing.

Muralists/Artists/Artist Teams/organizations are invited to submit up to 10 examples of artwork/ projects/events. Three finalists will be invited to submit proposals for consideration.

Mural installation should be completed by July 31, 2023.

Reed Park

Ellensburg Rodeo History: 

Founded in 1923, the Ellensburg Rodeo grew from a partnership with local ranchers, downtown businesspeople, Fair leadership, and members of the Kittitas Band of the Yakama Nation to establish the current location. The Rodeo has celebrated athleticism and talent and brought visitors to the community for the past 100 years. The arena and grounds were built like many community projects in the Kittitas Valley, through contributions of dedicated, community-minded individuals that roll up their sleeves and worked together to get things done. The Rodeo brings in visitors annually and has evolved to one of the top five competitions in the nation.

Learn more about the history at: 
Rodeo Hall of Fame: RODEO HISTORY | Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame
Ellensburg Rodeo Website:


Up to $22,000 total available funds, inclusive of all fees, transportation, lift equipment rental, materials, and related expenses.

Site Details:

  1. The project site is located on a section of the west face of the City-owned Craig’s Hill Reservoir (water tower) at 1301 North Craig Avenue, Ellensburg, WA   98926. 
  2. Approximate dimensions of the artwork should be 40’ x 40’ and the image should be centered vertically on the curved surface of the reservoir. 
  3. The site is secured by ground fencing. The reservoir tower is 65’ high.

Further information for consideration:

  1. Final projects are asked to be site and place responsive, meaning that the mural artwork must be in direct response of the site and also integrate the unique qualities of Ellensburg, its history as a gathering place, and its identity as an inclusive community.
  2. Projects should have a minimum lifespan of five (5) years as the Reservoir will be undergoing repainting after 2028. Durable paint or materials should be proposed that can withstand extreme temperatures on the water reservoir facility.
  3. More information about the site and environment will be shared with finalists in a scheduled walk-through of the site.
  4. A ten-member Mural Selection Committee will advise on this project.
  5. For more information on the City of Ellensburg visit:


Timeline: RFQ Due – March 31
Finalists Selected – April 14
Finalist Proposals and Budget Due - May 5
Finalist Selected- May 19 
Approved by City Council – June 5 meeting
Install can begin early June after City Council approval
Deadline for Installation: July 31, 2023 

To apply:

Please submit to with subject line “LAST NAME_RodeoThemedMuralProposal”

  1. Work Sample: Up to 10 images in JPEG or PDF of previous work samples, and/or projects. Image list describing work samples OR a website with links containing same information
  2. Resume or narrative of experience summarizing qualifications
  3. Statement of interest in project
  4. Contact information for three professional References

Selection Process:

Criteria: The Rodeo-themed Mural Selection Committee (Committee) engaged in the public art project, will use the following criteria:

  1. Compliance with definition of "public art" per the Ellensburg Arts Commission definition
  2. Consistency with the requirements of this Request for Proposals for commissioned work 
  3. Artistic merit: concept, design, craftsmanship 
  4. Context: reflects the sense of place, Rodeo and Fairgrounds architecture, historic, geographic, and cultural 
  5. Maintenance: Durable paint or materials to withstand extreme temperatures on the water reservoir facility without excessive maintenance 
  6. Feasibility: artist's ability to complete the work of art on time and within the budget (budget must be submitted with finalist designs)
  7. Originality: edition of one or part of a limited edition 
  8. Public safety: materials and installation process should not adversely impact environment or pose risk to public safety
  9. Local/regional artist preference

 Mural Selection Committee  

  1. The Committee will: 
    1. Meet as often as necessary to review the proposal or proposals to reach a decision by consensus. 
    2. Have the option of making no selection if, in its opinion, there is insufficient merit or information to make a final selection. In this event, the Committee will initiate a new selection process or cancel the call. 
  2. The selection is considered final provided that:
    1. The selection process was consistent with the intent of the muralist/artist and selection criteria. 
    2. The selection is reviewed with the City staff, and other applicable departments, to determine that installation is feasible. 
    3. The Ellensburg Arts Commission finds that the process was correct and no legitimate installation problems are demonstrated and approves the mural permit.
  3. The City Council will reserve all final design selection authority; final design approval will be based on adherence to the City’s stated theme and aesthetic/artistic value. If the City Council does not approve the project, the selection will be voided, and the Mural Selection Committee will begin a new selection process or cancel the call. 
  4. Once selected, the artist(s) will:
    1. Enter into a contract with the City to execute and complete the work of art in a timely and professional manner, or transfer title of an existing work. Maintain a close working relationship with the EAC, and if appropriate, the project architect and the staff for the EAC.
    2. Deliver and install the work of art, unless specified otherwise in the contract.
    3. Provide necessary documentation to any City commissions and/or departments on request. Be available for at least one public presentation, if requested by the City. Should the artist propose any significant change to the scope of work, including the design, materials, budget or siting, the artist will submit a request in writing to the Committee for review and approval. The Committee will consult with the City Manager on whether the change is significant enough to be taken to the City Council.

Newspaper – Yakima Herald, Daily Record, Northern Kittitas County Tribune, Yakama Nation Review 
Radio – Ellensburg Community Radio, KXLE 
Social Media 
Organizations: Chamber, EDA, Downtown Associations, Art Galleries, etc.

Call for Artists - Mural 100th Anniversary of the Ellensburg Rodeo (PDF)