The Investigations Division is responsible for investigating complicated and lengthy investigations, and assisting the patrol division in their duties. The Investigations Division is staffed with one Detective Sergeant, two Detectives, and two Anti-Crime Team Detectives.

Service Delivery in 2015

Over the course of the calendar year, the four detectives handled 250 cases and booked into jail 48 subjects for various charges ranging from patronizing a prostitute to Robbery 1st Degree. Many of these cases resulted in jury trials with several important wins for the community.


Ellensburg Police Department's two investigations Detectives are Ryan Shull and Jennifer Margheim. The detectives assist patrol officers with follow-up, crime scene and evidence collection and writing search warrants. They also track missing persons and runaway cases.

Additionally, both detectives take part in presentations with other officers and outside groups such as "isafe", which provides information to help citizens safely use technology and the internet.


Ellensburg Police Department's Anti-Crime team consists of Detectives Kliff Caillier and John Bean. The Anti-Crime team is responsible for running drug operations and works closely with other agencies and the community to address drug and other quality of life complaints in our city.

The Anti-Crime team also tracks crime trends such as burglaries and vehicle prowls and then proactively seeks ways to combat such criminal activity.

Cold Tip Email

If you have something you would like to report to our anti-crime team, you can e-mail your tip to them. If you need to report an emergency or an in-progress crime call 911.